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The brag book should be put in a professional 3-ring binder or presentation folder.  It should be sectioned, a sample of what to include is listed below.  Additionally, have a 2nd copy in an inexpensive plastic cover thatyou can leave with the interviewer.

Brag books are extremely common in pharmaceutical sales and medical sales but wehighly recommend their use for any sales position that you are interviewing for.  Unfortunately, many sales reps exaggerate their sales abilities and accomplishments.  Being able to document actual sales performance will greatly increase your odds of winning a job as well as provide you will additional leverage to negotiate a strong base salary.

  1. Resume
  2. This section should include any research you have done on the company and industry.  Highlight the key points that interest you and you may use this info in the interview.
  3. This section includes product info and brochures from your current company. This is a tool that you will use if you are asked to do a role play of a sales call.
  4. All documentation of accomplishments   

    • Sales quota certificates
    • Photos of plaques and trophies
    • Any inter-company memos stating contest and sales results
    • Letters from customers
    • President's Club or Achiever's Club documentation
    • Any documentation showing increased revenue in your territory  
    • Ranking sheets

  5. Sales Trainings completed Employee reviews
  6. Letters of recommendation

A well-prepared Brag Book will allow you to showcase your accomplishments and help separate you from your competition.
If interviewing for pharmaceutical or medical sales positions include transcripts from college and DMV records at the back of the book!

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